Does Ice Weigh More than Water? – Which one is heavier?

Not to bore with a classic question of who came first or anything. But does Ice weigh more than water? It is very similar to another question that everyone used to ask me as a child, is a pound of feather heavier than a pound of lead? These are the questions that confuse most of us many times. Though we have learned about it in our school life and we actually know the answer. Still, some questions subconsciously make us think twice. After reading this article, you will never come across this question ever, and if anyone asks you, then you will be well prepared to answer them too. 

Does Ice Weigh More than Water?

Without creating any confusion. NO, ice is not heavier than water. If you weigh the same volume of water and ice in a container, then you will notice that the volume of water weighs more than that of ice. The reason behind water having a more substantial volume than ice is that water occupies less space than ice. Water has a different molecular dependency and forms. When water is kept under different states like solid, water, and gas, the volume varies as per the density and weight of the water. 


Whereas ice has discrete molecules formed in water that keep on expanding, and thus they need more space. As per the sources and study, it is estimated, the volume of ice is always around 9% more than that of water. While the process of water turning into ice, the molecules expand and occupy more and more space. Thus you must have noticed too that ice always floats on water. This is due to the simple logic of science that ice has less volume of density than water. 


Do all liquids weigh the same?

No. All the liquids do not weigh the same. Every liquid has a different density and volume of molecules. The weight of every liquid depends upon its density. 

Which has more mass, a liter of ice, or a liter of water?

A liter of water has more mass than a liter of ice as water is denser. So it is very obvious that a liter of water is denser and has more mass than a liter of ice. 

Does cold water weigh more than hot water?

Coldwater weighs more than hot water because hot water decreases its density, and molecules evaporate fast, whereas the density of cold water increases as molecules increase in such temperature. 

Do water and ice have the same composure?

No, not at all, water and ice do not have the same composure. If you experiment with the same volume of ice and water, then water would weigh more than ice, and that is also another reason that water is denser than ice. The molecules of ice occupy more space as compared to the molecules of water. 

Next time you better be ready to challenge your brain with such questions and interesting riddles. It is studied that the most common answer and easy to know solutions are often answered wrong. This is because of the brain mechanism that subconsciously knows the answer and still confuses due to the options. Now I hope that you must have got the answer to your question that does ice weigh more than water. Remember that ice floats on water and rocks sink. It is because of the density of the water. Thus always water weighs more than ice. 

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