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How to Reset Weight Watchers Scale? – Troubleshooting Tips of WW Scale

The people all over the world have become so health-conscious now due to the diseases that are majorly due to the sedentary lifestyle. It’s imperative to keep your weight under check, and many people maintain a journal for keeping track of their weight loss/weight gain. If you are someone who owns a weight watcher scale and keeps following the routine this blog will be helpful to you in knowing how to reset the weight watcher scale.

How to Reset Weight Watchers Scale?

No matter how often or rarely you use the weighing scale, it is essential to reset and calibrate the scale to ensure the readings are accurate and consistent. There are several ways to reset the weighing watcher scale; I am going to describe a simple and easy method to reset the weight scale along with some tips for troubleshooting the issues that you might face while resetting the scale.

  • For resetting the scale, first of all, take out the batteries out of the weight scale from the back.

resetting the scale

  • Invert the scale and keep it on a rough surface. Make sure that you are placing the weight watcher scale on a proper surface that is even.
  • Turn the scale and stand on the scale for 10 to 15 seconds.

stand on the scale

  • Invert it back and insert the batteries into the slot again.

insert the batteries

  • Now tap the scale with your foot and see to it if the display switches on.

switches on

  • In case it doesn’t switch on try again by replacing the batteries.
  • Tap and see to it that it switches on.
  • Allow the display to switch off entirely before you weigh yourself.
  • Stand the weighing scale again to get the accurate and precise reading of your weight once it displays zero.

displays zero

  • For making sure that the readings are accurate measure the weight thrice to check if the readings are consistent or not.

What is the need to reset the weight watcher scale ?

There are misconceptions that if a scale is working fine, you do not need to reset. Well, that is not the case. As the weight watcher scales are battery operated it is crucial to reset while changing batteries and also reset it once in a while to ensure that there are no wrong measurements or errors in the precise weight measurement. The other reasons for resetting the scale are:

  • If the weight scales are used frequently by multiple people, it is essential to reset it.
  • If the display shows “Errors”, then it is the time to take the batteries out and reset the scale.
  • The readings are fluctuating very much and are inconsistent every time you check the weight.

What else should be done for making sure that the scale works appropriately?

  • It is also crucial to check for the physical damages on the scale.
  • Make sure that the screws are tightened and the scale is always placed on the even surface.  
  • Keep checking if the batteries are working and replace it whenever required.

Quick Tips

In case any of the above-stated procedures and tips don’t work then it is better to contact the customer service of the manufacturer brand. You can also get it repaired by a technician after knowing the issue with the weight watcher scale. If in case your weight scale is in the warranty period you can also get it replaced by the company. Many times the companies also offer to repair the scale beyond the warranty period. Check with the customer service first before taking it to the local shops to get it fixed.

Concluding Remarks

The people who are into gymming and fitness know the importance of keeping the record of their weight. Weight watcher scale is vital for one and all to check their weight, and they can also store the information regarding the weight and the desired weight in the scale. It works like a regular bathroom scale. Make sure to reset it timely for getting accurate and precise results. Along with this easy procedure given in the article above you can also take help from the manual and try to understand the issues that your weight watcher scale might be having. I hope this article helps all my lovely readers to reset their weight watcher scale without any difficulty.

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