How to Calibrate Health O Meter Scale – Calibration Technique by Expert

A health-o-meter is a great way of keeping check of your fitness progress, to be on top of your health scores, and to get an entire analysis of your BMI and physical fitness and strength. 

Usually, all health o meter digital scales come factory-calibrated from the particular store you buy them from so that you don’t have to calibrate them on your own. But it is also true that we all have subjective health standards based on different body structures. So if you want to learn the calibration technique for your scale, this article will help you through the process. 

When do you need to calibrate your Health O meter scale?

Before we move on to how to calibrate your scale, you should know when it is necessary or required to reset or “calibrate” it. Your health o meter scale would have to be reset when it is placed in a different location or even if the batteries are low. When this happens, your scale may not show the zero value. To reset your health o meter scale, you will be required to set it at 0.0 by re-calibrating it.  

The calibration of health o meter scales is done in two measuring units- kilograms (kg) and pounds (lbs). You need to check your scale to see if it can be calibrated only in kg or lbs or both. To do that, read the instruction manual that comes along with the scale. 

How to calibrate the health o meter scale?

If your scale displays an “E” on its screen, this means that you have to calibrate your scale, or it can also mean that the maximum weight load has been exceeded, which is usually more than 200lb or 100kgs. To know how to calibrate your health o meter scale correctly, make sure to follow these steps mentioned below. 

Step 1: Place your scale on a hard and flat floor or surface instead of placing it on a soft platform such as a carpet. This is because placing the scale on a flat surface will provide you with more accurate results. 

Step 2: On the lower corner of your scale, there is an option of kg and lbs. Set the scale to either kg or lbs by adjusting the switch that is placed on the backside. 

Step 3: After this, the display will show you several options of which one will be of calibration. When you select it, the scale will start the zeroing process and will calculate the zero value, and, finally, it will show 0.0. 

Step 4: After setting the scale at zero, the display will ask to put on a calibrating weight. The minimum and maximum calibrating weight may differ for different scales, which can be checked in your manual itself. Adjust the calibrating weight for yours by setting it to one particular digit(s). 

Step 5: After setting the weight, the scale will show “calibrating” on your display, and once the process is completed, your scale is completely calibrated. 

How to reset the Health O Meter Scale?

It is very simple to reset the Health O Meter Scale. Remember, each time you move your scale; you need to reset it for accurate readings. Follow the below 3 easy steps to reset your scale. 

Step 1. 

Keep the Health O Meter on a flat hard surface and level the scale appropriately. 

Step 2. 

Now click on the lower corner of the scale thrice. You will notice the display showing a null effect like “—.” 

Step 3. 

Now you need to wait for a few seconds to let the scale reset and then recalibrate. 

Bottom Line:

This simple technique of calibrating your health o meter is similar for all different types of digital scales sold in the market. If you follow the steps, then you will be able to calibrate your health o meter successfully. I hope this article remains helpful in guiding you through the calibration process of your health o meter scale.

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