Best Beam Reloading Scale – Get Accurate Measurement of Powder

Many workplaces require accurate measurements of powders – one such field where the precise measurements of the components are required in laboratories. There are many types of reloading scales that are available in the market. After searching for the various kinds of reloading beam, I came across the digital reloading scales that are the most accurate ones in the market. These scales give measurements in different units making it easy for people to do the conversions and plan their experiments accordingly.

Not only in labs such reloading scale is also useful in pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, chemistry labs, etc. These scales can measure in milligrams accurately. Other than their use in a scientific way such weighing scales are also seen in jewellry shop to weigh gold, silver, etc. It is also useful for diamonds as well. Those people who are professionals in the culinary field also use such powder scales to measure the ingredients before making a dish. A digital reloading scale is a versatile product that has multiple functions and can be used by a lot of people.

For helping all my readers to decide which reloading scale is the best suited for them I have come up with the best beam reloading scales that consist of all types of scales and can be used in multiple ways. Keep reading to find all the options available in the market for the same.

Best Beam Reloading Scales

1. Waoaw Digital Milligram Scale

Waoaw Digital Milligram ScaleThe waoaw digital milligram scale is the best seller in the category of the best digital reloading scale. The scale comes with a pair of tweezers, 2 x AAA batteries, calibration weight, and one weighing pan. The scale is precise in measurements and can be used as a jewelry scale, lab scale, diamond scale or a carat scale. It indicates low battery and overload.

Key features

  • The weighing scale is an accurate milligram scale that can weigh up to 50 gms in 0.01 gram/ 0.1 grain increments.
  • This weighing scale uses a high precision sensor system that helps in getting the accurate reading for the weight every single time.
  • The LCD screen displays the readings of weight in grams, ounces, carat, grain that can be selected by the mode button.
  • It also has an adjustable auto mode that switches on when you place something to weigh on the scale.

2. Hornady Electronic Beam Reloading Scale

Hornady Electronic ScaleHornady electronic scale is a trickle-compatible that offers accurate and precise results. The scale has a precision of load cell with 1/10th-grain accuracy and can give constant readouts up to 500 grains. It also provides the flexibility to trickle the powder into the pan, weighing charges or case directly. The scale helps in making the work easy by providing the most precise hand loading tasks.

Key features

  • This scale is battery operated and is compact so that it can be placed anywhere.
  • It has a large and easy to read backlit display for readings.
  • This scale offers a maximum reference measurement of 1500 grains which is appropriate for measuring the powders.
  • The scale comes with two AAA batteries that can be used to operate the measuring scale.

3. Zilink Digital Beam Reloading Scale

Zilink Digital ScaleThis digital scale has an advanced sensor technology that helps in gives quick and accurate responses. It can display results in different measuring units such as grams, ounces, carat, grains, etc. The scale comes with a flip-down shield that protects the weighing surface to avoid any interference that can hinder the accurate measurement. The scale is durable, sturdy and m comes with a one year warranty.

Key features

  • The digital scale comes with a 50-gram calibration weight, one pair of tweezers, weighing tray and two AAA batteries.
  • The scale also comes with a user guide to help you in understanding how the scale works along with its calibration process.
  • The scale has an auto-off feature, and an LCD backlit display.
  • The scale can be used for weighing chemicals in laboratories as well as in jewelry shops. It can be used as a carat scale, powder scale, diamond scale, etc.

4. RCBS Reloading Scale

RCBS ScaleRCBS weighing scale a great quality reloading beam. It is made from high-quality material. It is an accurate and precise scale having a range of 2-3000 grain powder dispense range. It can weight up to 500 grains. The scale is reliable, fast and durable.

Key features

  • The scale comes with a manual that helps in understanding and using the reloading scale efficiently.
  • The scale has an LCD touch screen display that shows the readings of the weight.
  • It also comes with a one year warranty.
  • The scale has an ambidextrous.

5. Lyman 1500 Beam Reloading Scales


Are you in search of a compact and portable design that can easily fit all your needs of a digital beam reloading scale? It also has a touch screen made with modern technology to fit in the dark atmosphere. The whole packaging comes with a funnel pan, powder scoop, and a calibration weight. One can pour the powder into the cases directly without any need of extra funnel. With the easy readings, extra batteries and light display makes the scale powerful.

Key Features:

  • The overall capacity of this scale is 1500 grains at a time.
  • It also has touch screen controls for great calibration, measurements, and power to know the accuracy of the items. 
  • The scale can be seen in dark also as the display has light and visibility too. 
  • It also comes with a one year warranty that makes great sense. 
  • Also, it has an auto on/off feature.

6. RCBS M500 Magnetic scale


Another product from RCBS weighing scale with a unique design. The M500 powder magnetic scale is the whole new version of measuring your grains, powders and tiny particles. The movement of the beam is side to side and is limited that maintains the accuracy of the measure. 

Key Features:

  • It is an easy to calibrate scale and simple for usage scale. 
  • The scales come with a capacity of 505 grains along with accessibility of weighing a variety of powders. 
  • It has a solid body made with pure metal with high accuracy and increased life expectancy. 
  • You can easily have the benefits of grain to gram conversion. The packet also has a table of measurement and instructions with 100% accuracy. 

7. Homgeek Digital Beam Reloading Scales


When it comes to accuracy and precise results, Homegeek Digital has come with 0.001 g accurate reading scale. One gets a stable display with sleek design. You can use this scale for effective reading of minute particles like powders, jewelry and much more. This product is surely a kitchen equipment that everyone should invest in. The AAA batteries are the beast and help your scale run for a long time. Also, a guiding booklet helps you to get the description and information.  

Key Features:

  • It is the best precision digital scale with an accurate sensor system for perfect reading.
  • It has 0.001 g accuracy reading level. 
  • One can read the details in G, OZT, OZ, CY, GN, and DWT. 
  • The packaging comes with lots of accessories like a set of tweezers, weighing pan and a calibration weight of 50 gram. 

So these are the options that are I found the best ones in the category of reloading scales. All the scales have more than one use and are in affordable range too. Here is a quick tip to make sure that you get the accurate and precise weight measurement every time: Calibrate your weighing scale once a while.

When you receive your weighing scale make sure that you calibrate the scale first before starting to use it for weighing. There are calibration weights that come with these scales that can be used to calibrate the reloading scale. The manual is also provided to follow the procedure of the calibration process. Also, make sure you clean the weighing surface area with the help of tissue after you weigh powders to avoid any errors in further measurements. The weighing scale should be kept clean and away from liquids so that it does damage the weighing surface area.

The calibration process should not be avoided as it is helpful to get proper results. In case a calibrated weight is not given you can weigh any object twice or thrice to calibrate the scale. There are also tutorials available online to help you with the process that you can use it as a reference.

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