How to Set Weight Watchers Scale – Guide to Program WW Scale

Weight Watchers are prominently used to lose weight. Further, there are three participants in addition, like food scale, bathroom scale, and body fat scale, these are used as plans on a weekly basis. 

How does the weight watcher scale works?

Weight Watcher scale uses a bioelectrical impedance method to measure body fat. There is an electric current flow from the lower half of the body, and the scale measures the current speed. Based on such numbers, the scale then estimates the actual body fat using this mathematical formula.

How to Set Weight Watchers Scale

1) How to set a weight watchers food scale?

weight watchers food scale

Follow the steps below and understand the simple method of using a food scale.

  1. Take the scale, turn it upside down, and switch to unlock position. 
  2. Now place the scale on a flat and hard surface that can hold the weight of the scale. Now press the power button on the scale.
  3. Now you need to lay the food on the scale in the center. The scale will then display the weight.
  4. Using the keyboard of the scale, enter the food’s name, and select your food from the list. 
  5. Now, select the “PointPlus” button and switch the display from weight to value of PointPlus. 

2) How to use a weight watchers Bathroom scale?

weight watchers Bathroom scale

Below are the few steps to use a weight watcher bathroom scale.

  1. Adjust the scale to display kilograms or pounds as per your need. 
  2. Now place the scale on a flat hard surface, most likely a hardwood, tile, or so. 
  3. Now press on the center of the scale with your foot to know if the scale is turned on. The display will start once the light blows up and has a digital number display “00.0”.
  4. After setting the scale, stand still till the scale registers your weight. 

3) How to use a weight watchers Body Fat analysis bathroom scale?

weight watchers Body Fat analysis bathroom scale

Body fat analysis bathroom scale can be a game. 

  1. Just like the bathroom scale, adjust the display to kilograms or pounds as per your choice.
  2. Keep the scale on a hard flat surface like wood, tiles, or so. 
  3. Press the set button, and by using the arrow key, select the user number. This unique number will differ from each house member and hence help them weight individually. If you want to use the scale all by yourself, then choose “1” as your number. 
  4. Now press the arrow again and select your height. Add your height in inches and set the confirmed measurements. 
  5. Now you need to select your current age using the arrow button and again press the set button to save the details. 
  6. After age, you have to select your gender and choose a proper icon representing the gender. 
  7. It is now time to stand on the scale barefoot. Keep the balls of your feet on the metal sensor, and your weight will be displayed. You have to remain still here as the scale will calculate the fat percentage of your body. 
  8. Note your measurements and step off the scale; it will turn off automatically. 

Using a weight watchers scale will help you track your weight and lose it weekly. Also, you can download the WW app to track your weight on your computer as well as phones. 

On your iPhone – iPad:

  • Go to My Day and tap your Profile icon on the top right corner
  • Select ‘Track Weight’
  • Fill your current weight
  • Choose ‘Track Weight’

On your Android:

  • Go to My Day, tap your Profile icon on the bottom menu
  • Select ‘Track Weight’
  • Enter your current weight
  • Fill ‘Track Weight’

On your computer:

  • Go to My Day and tap the Weight tab 
  • Fill in your current weight in the box on the right-hand side
  • Click ‘Track Weight’

I hope this article has helped you to track your weight using Weight Watchers. Now guide your programs quickly and keep working on yourself.

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