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How to Weigh Baby at Home – Easiest Ways to Scale to Weigh Newborn

If you are a new parent, you may feel anxious doing everything related to your newborn. You take extra care in each stuff and don’t even take a 0.01% chance in small activities like weighing baby at home. Being a responsible parent, you would likely know about the importance of proper infant weight gain. So, if you are not sure how to do this safely and accurately all by yourself, we can help with the necessary information in this article.

It is essential to know the proper techniques of how to weigh a newborn at home. With the regular check, you can find out how your baby is growing. This way, you will also know if there is anything more you need to take care of or not! Weighing your baby is also important to keep track of baby’s food intake, development, and overall health. You may have recommended weight guidelines that can be used to measure the growth of your baby. If you don’t have any, you can ask your baby’s doctor. He/she can share it with you.

How to Weigh Baby at Home

There are many ways to weigh a baby. You can either use a baby scale or a standard scale if you want to measure the weight at home. Or else, you can book an appointment for your baby’s doctor and take your babies to the clinic. Let’s first see how to weigh a baby at home.

Method 1: Using a Baby Scale

Baby Weigh Scale

Baby scales are different than the standard scales. If you don’t acquire one, buy a baby scale that is sturdy and accurate. Generally, a baby scale comes with a tray in which your baby can lay safely. Just make sure that it doesn’t have any sharp or rough parts that could irritate your newborn. Also, find a scale that can hold up to 25 to 30 lbs.

After purchasing one, set the scale to 0. It is one of the most important steps to follow. Make a habit of checking the range before putting your baby on it. If you are putting the baby wrapping in the blanket, you then have to subtract the weight of the rug to get the actual figure. It is suggested to set the baby naked on the scale. If you have a fear that the baby might slip, then keep one hand hovering over the chest. Make sure you are not touching the baby while doing it.

After a few seconds, read the baby’s weight and write the exact numbers in a notebook for future records. Repeat the weighing process every two weeks. Here, don’t compromise with the surface. Set the scale on a sturdy and flat surface. You can also use your dining table or the floor of your room.

Method 2: Using a Standard Scale

Weigh Scale

If you are unable to find any baby scale, then you can also try using the standard scale to weigh newborns at home. Of course, you can’t put them directly on the scale, but there is a cheat! Yes, this method is not that accurate, like weighing on a baby scale, but it is undoubtedly budget-friendly.

Firstly, weigh yourself. Keep the scale on some flat surface and check the zero. Stand on the scale and notice your weight. Try to remember the exact number. You can also write it down in a paper. 

After that, hold your child in your arms and stand on the weighing scale again. This way, you will weigh yourself and your baby together. Register the weight back and write it down on the same paper. Then subtract your weight from the combined figure. The result you get will be your baby’s actual weight.

Method 3: Weighing Your Child at The Clinic

Weigh Scale for Baby

There are times when you are unable to measure your baby’s weight on any scale. Maybe the machine is broken, or you don’t trust the figures shown on it, whatever the reason, there is an all-time convenient option available named ‘Clinic.’ Call your baby’s doctor and schedule a visit. Sometimes, you don’t even need to book an appointment for just using the scale. It is advisable that if you go to the clinic for weighing, then get help from the medical professionals.

Medical baby scales are very accurate and perfect for the weight measurements. They are often more expensive than the standard scales. Their designs are quite similar to the home baby scales, but some clinics do have different varieties such as car-seat like baby seats.

So these are the most common methods to weigh a baby. We hope you got all the necessary information in this article. Be regular in this process because once you know your baby’s weight, you can compare the progress according to his/her age. Also, keep in touch with the pediatricians. They can make some dietary changes in your baby’s food for better growth. We hope your child stays healthy and happy always. And don’t take stress, you got this!

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