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How to Fix a Broken Digital Scale: Solve Any Scale Problems

A digital scale is an excellent investment for people wanting to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Apart  from the people in general, it is of great importance for store owners, shipping companies and much more. Unlike the old school spring weighing scales, these digital scales are unique due to their features of being compact, accurate readings and portable. It is vital to pay attention if the scale is in the proper condition to ensure its proper working. In case you are wondering about what to do if your scale is not working properly, broken or showing faulty readings, then this article will be helpful to you. I have made the complete guide on how to fix your digital scale with the help of easy and quick methods. Go through the instructions and take action as per your needs.

How to Fix a Broken Digital Scale?

1. Check the level of the surface.

The most common mistake that people do is not placing the scale on the proper surface. For using digital scales, it is always recommended to keep the scale on the surface that is even. That’s the reason why a lot of people prefer keeping their scales in the bathroom as it has an ideal surface to keep scale. Your scale should be sturdy while you’re weighing yourself or any other thing for that matter. To check if the scale is showing proper weight, trying weighing a ball thrice and see if the readings fluctuate.

2. Reset your scale.

Once you have tried changing the surface for your scale and still notice the errors in the measurements, then you might consider resetting your scale. A lot of times, the scale is not set on zero, which can lead to erroneous measurements. For resetting the scale, follow the instructions given in the manual and reset the scale. Digital scales come with different ways to reset; some scales need tapping on the right corner two to three times for resetting the value to zero. Once you have done this, weigh an object twice or thrice to check the consistency of readings.

3. Calibrate the scale

There are many instances where people forget to calibrate their scales and wonder why it isn’t working properly. Like other machines and tools, the scale also needs to be calibrated frequently to keep its functionality intact. Every scale comes with a manual consisting of the calibration process in detail. For calibrating scale, switch the calibration mode on and weigh the standard weights that come with the scale or dumbells. Using standard weights or dumbells is advisable as the weight of these objects is already known and thus, you can verify if the scale is showing correct results. Place the weight on the scale, check the weight and then press “cal” or “end” to complete the calibration process. It is suggested to calibrate the scale in a few months to avoid the problems.

4. Check the batteries of the scale.

Many times we tend to replace the batteries of the scale, which can also be the reason for some issues with it. If you notice the flickering of the screen or if the scale switches off time and again, then the batteries of the scale should be checked. Open the slot of the batteries, remove them and clean the slot using a cotton swab or bud. The dirt or dust can lead to the loose connection between the batteries and scale, which can also create problems related to the functioning of the scale.

5. Take a quick look at the manual.

The brands and manufacturers make sure to mention everything regarding their scale at length in the manual. The manual contains all the procedures and instructions regarding the common issues faced while using the digital scale. In case you have misplaced your copy, you can look out for it online. You can go to the company’s website and search for the specific issue you are facing. Everything is now available on the net, isn’t it? 

6. Check for any errors in the display.

If your scale is displaying partial readings, then it needs some fixing, my friend. Tap the display on the sides to see if it makes a difference. If the display is loose, then apply some pressure gently and fix it so that there is no loose connection in it. You can also take off the outer plate and check for problems with the display. Make sure that you handle the display with the utmost care and do not bang it against any hard surface. Take off the batteries, fix the display and reset the scale to see if it works properly.

7. Ask for help from professionals.

The last way to fix your digital scale is to seek help from the professionals. If the steps stated above are unable to solve your problem, and your scale is broken then you should ask an experienced and trained technician to fix the issues for you. You can also give your scale in the company for repairing or fixing it. If it’s in the warranty period you can the company might not even charge for it. So contact the company or a professional to get your digital scale fixed.

Concluding Remarks

I hope this article helps in fixing the digital scale problems. You can also watch online tutorials if you have any confusion regarding any step. Follow these steps and keep your scale in the right working condition. Live healthy, be healthy!

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