Best Scale for Soap Making – Top Rated Digital Scales of 2020

If you wish to prepare a product, it is essential to add all the constituents of it in a particular amount. More or less of any ingredient can give you undesirable results, and of course, you don’t want that to happen. You can avoid this loss by keeping track of the constituents your add-in. How can you do it? The answer to this is quite simple-use a weighing scale. If you like soap making or do it to earn a living, you will exactly know what it means to have precisely the same amount of materials. 

Why Use a Scale for Soap Making?

Making a bar of soap is quite a task as it contains a good number of ingredients, including essential oils. To meet your expectations, it has to be formed right. Each component has a role to play in its proper formation. Using ingredients based on estimates can work at times but may not necessarily give you a good outcome every time. A scale will help you to make precise measurements. It is needed the most because soap never goes out of usage. You need t make it frequently.

Scale for Soap Making

How to Make a Homemade Scale?

Soap making scale can be made at home in some easy peasy steps:

  • Take a string and tie it exactly near the center of the yardstick.
  • Secure it with a tape.
  • Take an envelope. Seal it. Fold it into exact half. 
  • Cut the envelope into two halves. (You can use any other thing that is equal in weight.)
  • Secure both the halves to either side of the yardstick with the help of a tape.
  • Keep it at a place where it can hang free and line it up with a horizontal object.
  • Get your standard weights. (You can keep some things that weight exact in measurement- a dollar note weighs 1 gm).

It is easy to make a scale for grams at home. However, to rule out any benefit of the doubt, it is preferred that you rely on a machine specially built to serve the purpose and give you precise measurements. Nonetheless, it is not easy to get the best scale for soap making, as today’s market gives you a variety of choices. To help you out, we have listed the best scales for soap making in this article.

Best Scales for Soap Making

1. My Weigh Kitchen Scale KD8000

My Weigh

If you are unable to find the scale that contains all the desirable qualities, then you should turn to My Weigh Kitech Scale KD8000. It will never let you down. It is a perfect machine that saves you from any weighing messes, including spills and more. Measuring on this scale allows you to have as little or as much as you require more accessible.


  • The best feature of this product is that it has a percentage weighing. 
  • You can measure in proportion.
  • It has four weighing modes- pounds, ounces, grams, and kilograms.
  • It consists of a stainless steel platform, which makes it easy to clean.
  • Hinged gunk shield protects it from the messy application.
  • The bright backlit display gives you accurate measurements from 1 g to 0.05 oz.


  • It has to be charged regularly for frequent use.
  • It needs good storage space as the product dimensions are around 9.84 x 7.48 x 3.54 inches.

2. Nicewell Digital Kitchen Scale


If you are looking for a combination of good looks and excellent performance, Nicewell Digital Kitchen Scale has it all. It is well designed, has an elegant appearance, and above all, gives precise measurements. It has everything you can think of on a scale. 


  • It comes with four built-in high precision load sensors that give you accurate weight.
  • It is a multifunctional scale- tracks intake, weight loss, and postage.
  • It has a 9” x 6.3” platform and a large LCD for easy readout.
  • It measures in units g, kg, lb, oz, fl oz, and ml.
  • The convenient tare button allows you to subtract the weight of the container or plate.
  • The scale is designed with tempered glass for strong bearing and east to clean steel.
  • The buttons are touch-sensitive, and the scale has an auto-off feature when not in use.


  • Any mistake in using the unit control button can give you not so precise readings.
  • It runs on batteries, so regular changing of batteries is advised.

3. My Weigh KD7000 Digital Scale

My Weigh KD-7000

My Weigh has always been a reputed manufacturer of digital scales. It has been trusted by a large number of consumers. Its products are up to the mark and do total justice to the price you pay for it. My Weigh KD7000 Digital Scale is one such product that comes not only with the best of features but also a protecting cover. 


  • It is made in a contemporary way with durable features.
  • It provides precise measurements of 0.1 oz/1 gram/o.002lb/0.001kg graduation.
  • The stainless steel platform makes it a lot easier to clean the mess.
  • The faceplate is removable, making it convenient to take off when required.
  • It has a large five-digit LCD backlit display and hold, tare, beep, and adding functions.


  • It is mostly preferred to use ut on a basic scale.
  • The whole body of the scale is not stainless steel; the only platform is.

4. LEVIN Digital Kitchen Scale


LEVIN Digital Kitchen Scale’s advanced features make it a “MUST HAVE” scale in the market today. It just lives up to your hopes and gives you the best results. Unlike other brands, the features it provides is much more and that too at a reasonable price. 


  • Four advanced sensors are distributed evenly in the corners to give precise weight.
  • Five weighing units – g, lb, kg, oz, and ml make everything measurable.
  • It contains a high-quality LCD that makes weight visible easily.
  • It has a separate tare and switches off buttons. It is eco-friendly and saves energy.
  • The auto-off function turns the scale off within 90seconds when not in use.
  • It is made up of stainless steel and tempered glass, that can be cleaned with a wipe.


  • It has a limit of weighing a maximum of up to 15 kgs.
  • It is not suggested for massive batches of soap making.

5. Accuweight 207 Kitech Digital Scale


If you are just beginning to do the soap making business or if you make it only for personal use, then you do not really need a large scale. Why pay for it then? Accuweight 207 Kitchen Digital scale serves best for small scale usage. It also fits in your budget. 


  • Four high precision sensors work to give you accurate readings up to 5000g.
  • It has a tempered glass platform that is easy to clean, hygienic, safe, and easy to store.
  • It has a zero tare function and is totally user friendly.
  • It has quick unit conversion function with g, fl oz, oz and ml 
  • It gives easy readability with 3.2” large blue backlight display.
  • It is a multifunctional scale with an auto-off feature to save energy.


  • It is limited to small scale usage, and It does not have a kg unit.
  • It runs on batteries. Changing batteries regularly will help in better functioning.

The bottom line

Now that you have read the article so far, you have got the basics that:

  • Digital scales are an essential part of soap making.
  • Its primary function is to give you accurate measurements of the ingredients.
  • People generally wonder why digital scale? The answer to it is quite simple. Digital scales provide better and more accurate measurements than non-digital or simple scales. They also take up less space. They are durable as well as well designed. 
  • The most important features that matter are accuracy, the tare feature, the measurement unit, and durability.

These shortlisted scales are the best ones, and we are unable to choose the top one for you. But a lot of people need to know and keep asking us which digital scale is the best for soap making, we would love to recommend My Weigh KD8000. But it’s completely up to you, your budget, purpose, and use. Now that you know it all, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and order the digital scale that is most suitable for your soap making ideas. Enjoy your homemade and fresh soaps. 

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