Best Refrigerant Scale – Top HVAC Scale Reviews of 2020

One of the best investments for a technician or a company working with HVAC systems is a refrigerant scale. A refrigerant is a coolant used in HVAC for air-conditioning systems. These refrigerants are filled using refrigerant tanks or cylinders, depending on the requirement. The refrigerant needs charging once in a while to maintain the cooling of the system. A refrigerant cylinder is kept on the scale, connected with a pipe to the HVAC system and further, the precise amount of coolant is transferred to the system. It is vital to check for any leaks in the tube before charging the system.

Best Refrigerant Scale

A refrigerant scale is used to measure the loss or gain of this refrigerant. While charging or recovering, it is vital to know the amount of coolant needed to charge the system. The scale is also beneficial in detecting any leaks or issues with the refrigerants. The scale consists of a sturdy and non-slip platform, a display to see readings and a connector and a case to carry it.

So if you are working as an HVAC technician, you would adequately want to buy this kit to save your time while repairing or doing maintenance work for air conditioning systems. There are many options available for electronic and digital refrigerant scales. For helping you to select the ideal one, I have made a list of the best refrigerant scales. Check out the list and choose the one that meets all your criteria.

1. Mastercool 98210-A Electronic Refrigerant ScaleMastercool 98210-A Electronic Refrigerant Scale

This refrigerant scale is the top-most choice for the people looking out for an excellent quality electronic scale at an economical price point. The scale has received positive reviews due to it’s premium built quality and precise readings. Scale shows readings with ≤±0.05% accuracy. It has a sturdy aluminum base with an anti-slip platform. This scale is the ideal tool to help you with recovering and charging of the refrigerants. Mastercool scale has a 9 x 9 platform for weighing the refrigerants. 

Key features:

  • The scale has a large LCD that displays readings that can be viewed from any angle.
  • It has the highest capacity of 234 lbs, which is 110 kgs approximately.  
  • The charge programming allows the users to customize program quantities that make it easy for the users to charge the refrigerant.
  • The scale has a compact design so that technicians can carry it to the sites.
  • It is equipped with an alarm that makes a sound when the charging is completed to alert the users.
  • This scale comes with a heavy duty protective case to carry this scale around.

2. ZENY Electronic Refrigerant ScaleZENY Electronic Refrigerant Scale

Another excellent option for HVAC technicians is this Zeny refrigerant scale. The scale is useful for both refrigerant and HVAC systems. Like other options available in the market, this one also has a 9 X 9 non-slip platform for weighing the refrigerants. The scale is rugged and durable. The scale comes with a sturdy carrying case and an LCD to display readings. The high-resolution property of the scale ensures that there no significant fluctuations or errors observed in the readings.

Key features:

  • The Zeny scale is portable, compact and made from diecast metal as well as plastic.
  • It has the feature of displaying readings in kgs, lbs and oz. You can select the mode as per your preference.
  • The scale is suitable for charging and recovering all types of refrigerant scales, including the small refrigeration systems.
  • The readings of the scale are of the highest accuracy as it has an accuracy of +/-0.25oz.
  • As the scale is equipped with built-in memory, it can display previous readings.

3. VivoHome Electronic Refrigerant Weight ScaleVivoHome Electronic Refrigerant Weight Scale

A brand that is known for good quality measuring scales is ViviHome. From the same brand, we have an electronic refrigerant scale delivering the accurate ratings for the fluid while charging the systems. It has a large LCD to know readings and also operates on a battery. The scale is portable as well as compact. It also shows readings in kgs, lbs, or oz. You can select the units as per your preference. The refrigerant scale has a good built quality and has received many positive users from its users.

Key features:

  • The display has high visibility and backlighting, showing accurate readings.
  • The scale has a unique feature of auto shut off where the scale automatically shuts its display if not in use for 10 minutes or more.
  • The platform of the scale is made from silicone and aluminum, which prevents slippage of tanks and cylinders.
  • It is also equipped with the feature of displaying “full” to alert the technician when the load exceeds more than the limit.
  • This scale comes with a sturdy case to carry it everywhere you go. 

4. Kozyvacu Digital Electronic Refrigerant ScalesKozyvacu Digital Electronic Refrigerant Scales

After getting many feedbacks from its buyers, this scale has made its way in this list of top refrigerant scales for 2020. There is an anti-slip 9 X 12 platform for weighing the refrigerants. There is a long and flexible coil for the display. It is also equipped with built-in memory to store the previous readings and view it when required. The scale is rugged and suitable for all types of refrigerant scales, including the small critical systems. It helps in charging and recovering the systems effortlessly.

Key features:

  • The scale has a large LCD with background lighting, as well.
  • It shows accurate readings with +/-0.5% in high resolution.
  • This scale is a revised version that does not have an auto shut off feature so that you can monitor the refrigerant weight.
  • It is portable, compact and comes with a case to carry it with ease.
  • The scale displays readings in all three modes, which are standard for measuring weight. You can select the mode as per your preference.

5. Flexzion Digital Refrigerant Charging ScaleFlexzion Digital Refrigerant Charging Scale

The last alternative that you can opt for investing in a durable and sturdy refrigerant scale is this Flexzion digital refrigerant charging scale. The scale is suitable for charging all types of refrigerant systems, including the small ones. It has a 9 X 9 platform for the tanks or cylinders to weigh. There are three display modes available in this scale: kg, lbs, and oz. The display shows accurate readings in high resolution. The refrigerant scale is rugged and compact. It is also equipped with a built-in memory that stores the previous readings. It is ideal for all refrigerant systems and has been priced economically.

Key features:

  • The scale offers highly accurate readings of +/-0.25oz.
  • The operation temperature for using this scale is 0 degrees celsius to 45 degrees celsius.
  • As the scale has a slip-resistant platform, the scale can be used for all types of refrigerants.
  • It comes with a user’s manual and a heavy-duty case to carry the scale with you at your work sites.
  • The display has a background lamp and it also has a long flexible coil design.

Concluding Remarks

So these are some of the highly-rated refrigerant scales that are readily available in the market. All the scales have the same mechanism and are portable. Make sure to go through all the specifications and details before making a purchase. I hope this article helps you in finding a suitable scale for your HVAC related work.

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