Best Diabetic Food Scale – Top Rated Nutrition Food Scale of 2020

Has your dietician suggested you have a healthy diet to control or manage diabetes? Then you can manage the diet using a nutrition food scale. A nutrition food scale is a handy tool that gives you a lot more information on nutrients than an ordinary scale. The food scale creates awareness and works as GPS for food paths.

A diabetic person has to focus on the portion and the quality of the food they take. With the help of a nutrition food scale, you can make complete nutritional profiles of your meals and enjoy a healthy life.

Why is the Nutrition Food Scale Needed?

A nutrition scale is needed to obtain the necessary nutrient information. Sometimes along with accurate weight, you also require the amount and type of nutrients each food contains. Many kinds of nutrition scales have features that calculate the calorie content or carbohydrates of each ingredient and the individual weights. This feature helps to have complete control over the diet, especially for diabetic people.

Nutrition Food Scale

Hence a diabetic food scale can help to reduce the daily intake of the number of carbohydrates and keep diabetes under control. However, finding the right model might be difficult or tricky as there are numerous models available online as well as in markets. So don’t worry, in this article, we will help you to choose the right product for your requirements.

Best Diabetic Food Scale

With a diabetic food scale at home, a diabetic person can have a healthier lifestyle without worrying about the number of carbohydrates. He can figure out what food to take and in how much amount. Hence the best diet plan can be made quickly. Since there are so many nutrition scales available online as well as in markets, it is confusing to select the best one. Well, for you, we are providing a list of best nutrition scales available so that you can choose the best one as per your requirements.

1. EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale


EatSmart Digital Nutrition scale is the most effective tool to count carbohydrates and control diabetes. A team of medical professionals has developed this scale, and thus it has precise readings of nutritional contents. It has a white backlight digital screen for display. Around 1000, food items carefully provided by professionals are stored in its database.

The maximum benefit of this scale is that it calculates any food nutrients based on the USDA nutrition facts label. This food scale displays carbohydrates, calories, potassium, fats, fiber, protein, etc.


  • This scale allows you to weigh up to 11 lbs maximum, which means almost you can weigh every possible food.
  • Its memory mode can save up to 99 ingredients
  • It can give accurate weights in grams, ounces, and pounds.
  • It displays almost all the required nutrients on the screen.
  • A calculator is included to count any nutrients based on the USDA nutrition facts label.


  • It has little bit small buttons
  • The weights in ounces and pounds are not provided at once.

2. GreaterGoods Nourish Digital Food Scale


GreaterGoods Nourish Digital Food Scale is a thoughtfully designed scale to give you detailed nutrient information to prepare your meals. It has nutrition facts displayed on the side and has around 2000 types of food stored in its database to offer comprehensive nutrition facts. It consists of a precision sensor that helps to get an accurate measure of ingredients within 0.1 ounces or 1 gram. Also, it has a maximum capacity of 11 pounds, so that you can measure any micronutrient in the diet.


  • The touch-sensitive buttons help to get faster and accurate results
  • It has a tempered glass top and LCD backlit
  • Four ultra-precision sensors for measuring
  • The Tare function gives precise measurements
  • Can add 99 items of your choice to the memory


  • Digits are a little bit small
  • Many pre-programmed foods are not useful for a diabetic person.

3. Mackie Food Scale – Digital Kitchen Scale

Mackie Food Scale

Are you looking for a digital scale that can help you to reduce weight? Than Mackie Food Scale is the ideal one you are looking for. This scale gives the most accurate results with the exclusive calorie and Macros calculator. It is a well balanced, precise, and engineered device that helps you to provide easy and quick results on its digital display with a LED-backlit. It has 999 pre-programmed foods stored in its database. Besides getting the food’s weight, you will also get information like calories, fats, carbohydrates, etc.


  • It has an exclusive calorie and macros calculator
  • It has stored coded foods
  • Gives helpful information along with the weight of the ingredients of the food
  • It’s very thin and can be stored in any kitchen cabinet or drawer.
  • 4-minute auto-hold in between weighing foods.


  • It works a little bit slower compared to other scales
  • Sometimes it fails to give sensitive measurements

4. Smart Diet Scale

Smart Diet Scale

The Smart Diet Scale is a food scale that calculates the nutritional value of an entire meal at one time and is Bluetooth enabled. Smart Diet Scale is more futuristic and advanced in its performance. The smart scale can be connected to android or tablets using Bluetooth to track daily health plans. It has an app that can record and monitor the information. The most important feature of this product is the 4- quadrant sensor, which provides you the option of scaling different food items at the same time. It is a perfect scale for diabetic people.


  • It has the largest database of over 650,000 food items, 106,000 restaurant items, and 440,000 grocery items stored in it.
  • It has a unique concept of 4 quadrant sensor
  • It helps to keep daily, weekly and monthly records of meals and goals.
  • The touch key makes it simple and easy to use the device.
  • It is more flexible and convenient as it can be charged by USB and 4 X AA batteries.


  • Needs more space due to the large size
  • It is quite expensive

5. iCooker Multifunction Digital Scale


The iCooker Multifunction Digital Scale is well designed, stylish, and highly accurate. It is a perfect tool for measuring all kinds of food items. This scale is made from good quality polished stainless steel to look great on your kitchen counter board. It is an ultra-slim scale with easy applications and readable buttons. It has a maximum capacity of 11 pounds and an accuracy of up to 1 gram. It is one of the best digital gram scales available in the market.


  • It is ultra-slim, 1.8mm thick, light in weight, and easy to clean
  • The Tare function helps to calculate the precise weight of the ingredients.
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel
  • LED panel for display
  • To meet different needs, it sets to 4 different modes of measurements


  • The plastic bottom is of low quality
  • It is a little bit pricey.

Final Words

Hope after reading this article; you would have understood that:

  • A nutrition food scale is very beneficial for a diabetic person or a person who wants to lose weight.
  • It gives you various nutrient information of carbohydrates, calories, sodium, fats, etc. to manage your diet plan.
  • It is better to select a food scale with a large capacity around 11lbs so than we can measure large quantities also.
  • The most important factor is accuracy; always go for a food scale with an accuracy of up to 1 gram.
  • With the advance in technologies, mechanical scales are replaced with digital and smart scales that provide higher precision.
  • If you are a person who carries a food scale while traveling, then portability is also one factor you should take care of.

The above-listed products are the best products based on our research and knowledge. It is challenging to mention the top device from the above, but since many people have asked, GreaterGoods Nourish Digital Food Scale is the best option. So once you have decided to buy a nutrition scale, you can look at our article and then select the best as per your needs.

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