American Weigh Scales Review – Portable Food Pocket Scale

The American Weigh Scale is among the most popular portable food pocket scale in the market today. Powered by 2 AAA batteries, it can help you keep an eye on your diet even on a holiday or tour! This means that your fitness will never waver and you will always know what you are eating.

However, before you run ahead to purchase the American Weight Scale, we urge you to go through our review. We have tried it ourselves and are happy to share our experience so that you make an informed choice. Here you go:

 American Weigh Scale Review

The product comes from a very popular manufacturer and has managed to make thousands of Amazon users happy. In fact, it is Amazon’s Choice at the moment with great reviews. However, no one can expect universal popularity, and the American Weigh Scale is no different. There have been a few unhappy customers, but the thousands of happy ones clearly overshadow them.

Also, please note that there are many options that the manufacturer offers. You can check and compare to pick exactly what suits your needs.

The Features

  • It has an LCD backlit display to make reading easy. The numbers are clearly viewable.
  • It has a flip-type lid that protects the screen and weighing surface. This is an exceptionally good feature because, during travel, chances of damage are higher. A protecting lid can eliminate these chances.
  • The weighing platform is made of stainless steel.
  • It comes with 2 trial AAA batteries so that you fire it up immediately.
  • It weighs in 0.01-gram increments and can go up to 100 grams.
  • You can adjust the readings in g, oz, gm, and ct based on your preferences. This gives you the flexibility to measure various items accurately.
  • The manufacturers offer an incredible warranty period of 10 years!

The cons

  • We faced calibration issues a few times and decided that we may need a calibration weight to fix the problem.
  • It does not work on rechargeable batteries. You can only use traditional AAA batteries.


The American Weigh Scale is a great buy at the price. It is affordable and very easy to use. You can also carry it around with great ease. This is why we love it. Of course, it is not without disadvantages, but we strongly believe that it is one of the best out there for its price. We think you should go ahead and give American Weigh Scale a shot. If you are unhappy, you can always return it, but we are positive it won’t come to that.

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